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Barca, Becks and buckaroos

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Before I get to the latest on Becks...

Today's results:

Glasgow Rangers v/s Celtic - 0:2
Chelsea v/s Aston Villa - 3:3
Barcelona v/s Levante - 2:1

Gameday Review

Barcelona v/s Levante (2:1)

Although Barca spent most of this game the way they usually do (passing the ball back-and-forth between their side of the field and the center), they did show an impressive play during the second half. Pedro's double got Barca their win, yet Levante's Stuani got a goal in for the opposing team on the 80th minute. Again, there were times when the referee gave free kicks when he shouldn't have, and vice versa. But it was interesting to see how the team that is currently in 17th place and just two points away from being in "the zone" that would bring them down to the Segunda Division could fare against the number one team in La Liga.


Arsenal about to sell Arshavin to Juventus?
Though an unlikely transfer, Juventus wants to acquire Arshavin and is offering up to £18m for the former Zenit player.

Becks says "yes" to Spurs?

The internationally infamous player who currently plays for the MLS's Los Angeles Galaxy may be heading back to England. Despite his past remarks about his loyalty to MU, Beckham wouldn't mind playing for the Spurs. According to The Australian, Spurs manager Redknapp claimed that Beckham is indeed interested in playing for his team. This isn't surprising, considering Becks trained with the Spurs before playing for Manchester United.

[after -Tomorrow]'s games:

Manchester United v/s Stoke City - 3:00PM (ET)

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