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And the tables are indeed soon to be turned (literally) as teams in the English Premier League that we thought (and hoped) would be on top now have losing streaks. I'm referring mostly to Chelsea and Liverpool, of course. Though Liverpool still has a chance to make it to the top 5, despite having just lost 3:1 to Blackburn. Of course, the trip to get ahead in the scoreboard won't be easier any time soon, as Liverpool's next match is against Manchester United. Chelsea, meanwhile, just lost one-nothing to the team with the least amount of points on the scoreboard, Wolverhampton. The one goal that the Wolves scored was an own goal by a Chelsea player. Needless to say, things aren't looking good for the coaching staff. Which is upsetting because Chelsea started off the season with a bang, one victory after another. Then came the disappointing losses; a notable one was the game against Arsenal, who scored 3 goals against Chelsea's 1 goal. Arsenal is looking good in the standings, currently in third place with 40 points after having played 21 games. The current leaders, MU and Manchester City, have just a two-point difference, having accumulated 44 and 42 points, respectively. Though Manchester City has played two games more than United.
Another team I've been disappointed in recently is the Tottenham Hotspurs. Today's 2:1 loss to Everton showed that the team has lots of things to work on. Despite shining stars like Crouch, Van der Vaart, and Bale, and despite team manager Redknapp jotting strategy notes down on a napkin, there was a huge hole in the defense for part of today's match. Everton's second goal seemed effortless; in an absurdly fast-paced and fierce counterattack, Coleman basically won the game for Everton on the 75th minute. Fifteen minutes of game play plus four minutes of extra time weren't enough to grant the Spurs a tie at the very least. Raphael Van der Vaart, referred to as the "master of ceremonies" by the tv commentator, assisted the Spurs' only goal, which was scored by Crouch. Crouch got the ball in the net a second time, but the goal was disallowed on account of a clear offside.

In my list of clubs that should start improving, I've put the Spurs first, then Liverpool, then Chelsea.

Other games that were played today included Newcastle v/s West Ham, which ended with 5:0 and a win for Newcastle.

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