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Sunday Previews

Match of the Day
Manchester United vs. Chelsea

With so much press surrounding the game we've all been waiting for, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson stated that there's too much pressure on United's young (and new) goalkeeper David de Gea. According to Fergie, there's too big of a spotlight on the 20-year-old Spanish goalkeeper; it's as though everyone is awaiting his downfall. "I don't know why such unnecessary pressure is being created. I assure you, de Gea will play, and play well. It's difficult for him to adapt, as he had to change countries, cultures, and his language at a young age ", stated Ferguson, according to the Mirror.

Kickoff is at 11AM ET.

Other games:

Tottenham v. Liverpool

Fulham v. Manchester City

La Liga Match of the Day: Levante v. Real Madrid, 2PM EDT

Saturday Reviews

*Barclay's Premier League*

Blackburn Rovers vs. Arsenal: 4-3
HT: 1-2
Iwood Park

Arsenal had chances throughout the entire game, especially towards the end of the second half, when they gained control of the ball, but their attacks still fell short on precision. That is, until Van Persie assisted Chamakh, who was just subbed in and got the ball in the net on the 85th minute, aggravating Blackburn's head coach Steve Kean, who, up to that point, thought he was winning. Blackburn's strength is, undeniably, their defense. If anyone should be "man of the match", it's the Rover's goalkeeper Robinson. With 4 minutes of added time left, Blackburn's manager took to some artistic gum-chewing a la Sir Alex. Cameras decided to pan to some bald guy in shades with a team of bored bodyguards - probably some of Blackburn's head personnel. Baldy took to clapping on his team to victory. Arsenal's Chamakh had several unsuccessful goal attempts during extra time. Blackburn still won, making the team's owners quite happy (and calming their gum-chewing manager). Despite Arsenal's endless strife and the 16-5 shots on target, the team managed to score not one, but TWO own goals (Song, 50' and Koscielny, 68'). Had it not been for the OG's, the final score would have been very different.

La Liga

FC Barcelona vs. Osasuna: 8-0
Camp Nou

Goal-scoring Summary:

(5') Messi
(13') Fabregas, asst. Messi
(34') Villa, asst. Abidal
(39') Roversio - OG
(41') Messi, asst. Villa
(57') Xavi
(77') Villa
(79') Messi, asst. Fabregas


- Messi's hat-trick
- Villa's double
- Osasuna, believe it or not, had some great moments. On the 65th minute, for instance, Nino's attempt left the ball flying near (but past) the far post.
- On the 67th minute Valdes scored a disallowed goal from an offside position.

Chicago Fire v. Chivas USA: 3-2

Scoring Summary:

(2') Gibbs, asst. Grazzini - 1:0
(26') Juan Pablo Angel - OG - 2:0
(61') Juan Pablo Angel - 2:1
(63') LaBrocca - 2:2
(85') Oduro - 3:2


- Gibbs red-carded after committing dangerous foul on Lahoud.
- Spotted: Fire fan donning a firefighter's hat with beer (the fan, not the hat). Said fan producing smoke when the Fire scores.
- Juan Pablo Angel's awesome attempt at goal during the second half.
- Oduro's goal on the 85th minute showed a giant hole in Chivas' defense, with 3 helpless defenders who hadn't a clue as to where the ball was going.

Liga Mexicana

Pachuca v. Atlas: 4-2


- Penalty
- Man of the Match: Enrique Esqueda, #9 Pachuca

Atlante v. Tigres: 1-0

- Pablo Ramirez keeps mentioning Floyd Mayweather and making boxing references.
- After a warning to the DT, the referee made Atlante's assistant manager remove himself from the premises and spend the rest of the match in the stands.
- Spotted: Atlante's manager Miguel Herrera strolling way past the designated area for coaches.
- Also spotted: fans with miniature horns that resemble vuvuzelas.
- Rain starts towards the end of the second half.
- An unfair yellow card to Amione on the 90th minute leads to his expulsion.
- Pablo Ramirez also keeps mentioning The Hobbit.
- Fans unveil "Azul Grana" banner.
- Man of the Match is the red-carded player, #28, Geronimo A. Amione, who scored the only goal of the game on the 12th minute.
- Best moment in commentary: Pablo Ramirez's orange tie with bubbles.

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