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GoalChatter Radio - Season 3 Episode 3

10:00 PMAleks Vee

The GoalChatter Radio Show hosted by Aleks V.

Special Guest: Alicia Rodriguez, Managing Editor of, co-host of 2SoCalGals.

- UEFA Europa League
- EPL transfers
- La Liga
- RPL transfers

UEFA's disciplinary committee has been on the prowl for clubs with disobedient supporters, but should the clubs be fined for something they can't necessarily control? The GoalChatter crew also discusses the first Clasico of 2013, EPL's Transfer Deadline Day, and recent RPL additions. The Goat Parade's Alicia Rodriguez joins us for the US soccer segment to talk about the nation's growing talent pool, the National Team's progress, and predictions for Chivas USA and RBNY's fate this upcoming season. As always, our match picks for the week span several leagues. 

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