GoalChatter is a blog about football and its culture that aims to deliver the realities of the beautiful game from a unique perspective that is often missing in the mainstream media. They've got the high-tech cameras, but they forgot the lens. GoalChatter provides it by offering a different view on issues pertaining to specific players, clubs, and leagues as well as to the global football community. It is a place for the intelligent fan, and, at the same time, an entertaining collection of banter that resonates with all of us.

Run by Aleks V, a freelance sports journalist and avid football fan who doesn't hesitate to use historical and contemporary pop culture references whenever possible. Aleks has been covering football since 2011 and has written for the New York Cosmos and FourFourTwo magazine, among others.

Aleks supports Dynamo Moscow and Manchester United.

When she's not writing about football, she's drawing it.

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Praise for GoalChatter:

"I love your blogs -especially thanks for showing me the game in Russia!"
Luke James, author of LukeJamesSoccer

"I really like GoalChatter - I'll be sure to visit often."
- Trevor Wilker, Yahoo! Canada Sports Lead Editor

"Excellent blog that is becoming one of my favorites covering soccer."
"Enjoyed your podcast!"

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