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GoalChatter Special Report: Manchester City vs Chelsea

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Yankee Stadium's Soccer Series is like your birthday - it only happens once a year, so you better make the most of it. Manchester City took on Chelsea FC, and as in last year's Real Madrid-AC Milan game, there were plenty of goals to entertain the masses. Manchester City players took the field first, wearing NYCFC t-shirts to promote the club's project with the Yankees and usher in a new era. There was instant booing when the referees were announced, oddly a precursor of things to come as the official ignored several challenges and denied Chelsea a penalty in the course of the game. City fans were visibly outnumbered, but they stood out nonetheless - all it took was a Balotelli jersey and constant chanting. Of course, Chelsea fans were keen on seeing some action from Fernando Torres, and although he had a few chances, the striker wasn't at his best. Instead, it was Oscar, Ramires and Juan Mata who stole the show for the Blues. There's nothing more exciting than eating a well-prepared hot dog and watching Oscar make vital passes or Juan Mata net one in from a free kick. Though it was my second time ever at Yankee Stadium, it felt like the 22nd. Whether it's the triumphant, overwhelming pride that brings thousands together during the U.S. national anthem, the never-ending attempts at a wave, or the friendly environment where even a supporter in a Manchester United jacket felt at home, the arena's atmosphere never fails to impress. Till next year, Yankee Stadium.

A Manchester United fan wearing a NY Rangers hat holds up a Chelsea rain cape.
International Friendly
Saturday, May 25, 2013, 5:30 PM ET

Manchester City vs Chelsea - 5:3 (2:0)
Venue: Yankee Stadium
Referee: Armando Villarreal
Assistant Refs: Corey Parker, Kevin Klinger
Fourth Official: Robert Sibiga
1:0 Gareth Barry (3')
2:0 Samir Nasri (29')
2:1 Ramires (46')
3:1 James Milner (55')
3:2 Ramires (69')
4:2 Samir Nasri (74')
4:3 Juan Mata (82')
5:3 Edin Dzeko (84')

View all my photos from the game here.

Watch a brilliant montage I did of footage during the game, including Juan Mata's free kick goal!

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