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Youth Spotlight: Goalkeeper Kirill Trukhov

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Youth Spotlight

GoalChatter's Youth Spotlight series features up-and-coming young talent in the world of football. This week, Aleks chats with 19-year-old Kirill Trukhov, who most recently played for Rubin-II. He is currently a free agent.

How did you come to play at Rubin Kazan? Did you start off at the academy?
I started playing football at 8 years of age. I first played in the attack, but then decided to try to train in the net. I began playing more so I became a keeper.

Did you get to train alongside the senior team?
I trained at Rubin's academy until I was 17 and then became a footballer for FC Rubin-II, the main farm team of FC Rubin [Kazan]. The team plays in the 3rd tier of Russian football. When I was 19 I already started to train with the first team and recently went to the training camp in Austria.
(Editor's note: Some clubs, like Rubin, have a youth team as well as a farm team. The former plays in the youth tournament, the latter in the Second Division, or 3rd tier of Russian football.)

Is there a different mindset to being a goalkeeper than a field player? 
Of course the mindset of a goalkeeper and a forward, for instance, are different. The goalkeeper is the last line of defense; his only mistake may [determine the result of the match], so that gives him a big responsibility. 

Is there a difference between practicing penalties and any other kind of shot?
The difference is huge. With age, the shots become stronger, and they differ substantially, for instance between a 13 and a 16-year-old.

What are the most challenging teams to play against in the youth tournament?
Photo: Kirill Trukhov
I have not played in the Russian youth championship. I left Rubin-II's academy right away. The Second Division differs significantly from the youth championship, since adults play in the former. They [Second Division players] fight for victory, for the prize money, because they need to feed their families. In the Second Division all teams are very strong and organized. Everyone is equal.

Rubin is known for its strong defense. Indeed, the team conceded the 3rd least number of goals in the Russian Premier League last season, and keeper Ryzhikov was called up for Russia's national team in the World Cup. The team finished in 8th place; how do you think they'll do in 2014/15?
Rubin has a very young team this year, but it's also very talented. Of course it is unlikely they will fight for the championship this season, but they definitely have a chance for the European cups.

Are there any players in the Russian Premier League you look up to?
I really like [CSKA goalkeeper] Igor Akinfeev. I admire his composure and confidence. 

If you could play for the national team in any of the past World Cup tournaments or European championships, which would you choose and why?
Of course I dream of playing for Russia, but in life anything can happen. Maybe someday I will be called up to play for the national team and I'll think about another. But now I want to play for Russia.

Do you follow any leagues from abroad, like the EPL, Bundesliga or MLS?
Yes, of course. I watch almost all leagues in Europe. I especially like England, Germany, Spain and Holland.

Is there a particular league or team you dream of playing for?
Since my childhood I am a fan of Real Madrid, so I definitely dream to play for this club.

What is your greatest challenge right now?
Now I'm a free agent, and at the moment I'm trying to find a team for next season. It is very difficult to do, but I do not despair. I believe in myself and I know that everything will be fine.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to becoming a successful goalkeeper?
I believe that the most important quality in the goalkeeping profession is diligence. There's no way without it. And of course luck, but as we know, luck favors the strongest.

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