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Gameday Review: MLS, EPL

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(MLS) Seattle Sounders vs. Colombus Crew - 6:2

Unfortunately, I was stuck reading the live text commentary for this one. I do know that if both teams had fulfilled all of their goal-scoring opportunities, the Crew would have overtaken Seattle. But let's not forget that Seattle has one of the best goalkeepers in the league (Kasey Keller). And that the Crew scored an own goal. And that the Crew's only 2 goals came late in the game (on the 59th and 73rd minutes). Jeff Cunningham scored their first game on a PK, when the game was still 4-0. Despite mixed reactions from the fans on the tender subject of refereeing, both teams played an amazing, non-defensive game, with a total of over 30 goal attempts and passing accuracy beyond the caliber of most overrated MLS teams. Lamar Neagle had a hat-trick for the Sounders.

(EPL) Liverpool vs. Bolton - 3:1

Liverpool played an incredibly tactful, fast-paced home game against Bolton, scoring their last 2 goals within 30 seconds. The fiery Reds delighted their fans as ex-Sunderland player Henderson nailed his first goal at Anfield. Nevertheless, it would be foolish to say that Bolton's goal counts for nothing. The Wanderers added a point for their Goals For and Against difference, a number that plays a vital role in determining a team's standings later on in the season.

Tomorrow's EPL Predictions:

11AM ET - Manchester United vs. Arsenal
Prediction: 3:1 or 3:2

8:30AM ET - Tottenham Hotspurs vs. Manchester City
Prediction: 2:2

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