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An Outpouring of Young Talent

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Mexico U-23 vs. Spain U-23: 0-1

Two teams, both talented in different ways, took to the pitch to showcase their talent on Wednesday in the port city of Cadiz, Spain. A sea of red jerseys took to the stadium to cheer on the home team, and Spain's U-23 didn't fail to deliver. In classic Spanish style, the team took to the lead early on in the game. Their first attempt was blocked by Mexico goalkeeper Corona, but seven minutes later, the Spaniards opened the score. Javi Martinez got a great cross from a corner kick, giving him the opportunity to jump just that bit higher than Corona and head the ball in. Commentator Pablo Ramirez was right to point out the presence of Barcelona players on the squad, as the players enhanced the game with the trademark Barca style of play. The Spaniards continued to be dangerous on set pieces, but failed to go beyond a 1-0 lead. Evidently, the opposition had quite a few things up their sleeves as well. One of Mexico's magic moments came from Cruz Azul's Javier Aquino. Only David De Gea's outstretched right leg prevented a Mexico equalizer on the 38th minute. Corona's saves were right on the money. Adrian Lopez had a poor attempt at storming Mexico's net, and Corona calmly took the ball. Mexico was great on counters, and the team's defending was simply superb. There's something to be said about preventing any Spanish team from having a goal fest. The second half included a few more heroic saves from Corona. He took the ball in the air near the upper corner of the net on the 76th minute, showing his great ability to control the ball after it is caught. With such a rare gift and lightning-fast reflexes, he has evidently surpassed his younger fellow goalie Memo Ochoa.
It's always interesting to watch young talent play outside of the club atmosphere, and an infrequent opportunity at that. Both teams have creative players capable of making one-on-one runs, and Mexico definitely played a worthy game against the Spaniards. Spain did have the team edge, but when it came down to individual talent, Mexico was always a step ahead. The man of the match was, without a doubt, goalkeeper Corona. He was great on short-range shots, and his performance overall was stunning. I can't wait to see him perform at the London Olympics!

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