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Dynamo Draw at Dundee

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The most exciting moment of the Dynamo vs. Dundee match. Photo: Action Images.
In the first leg of the UEFA Europa League Round 3 qualifiers, FC Dynamo Moscow somehow managed to tie their game against Dundee United at Tannadice Park in Dundee, Scotland. A nearly-packed stadium cheered on the locals. Things got a little too passionate when a handful of Dynamo fans took part in a scuffle, but two of the fans were soon apprehended by stadium security. Hungarian winger Balazs Dzsudzsak led Dynamo's first move toward Cierzniak's net, but had no one to make the cross to, as no other players were running on the ball. Igor Semshov had a shot from afar that went high. Defender Gordon Schildenfeld, who played his second match for Dynamo and his first in the starting lineup, tactfully cleared a Dundee cross from making it to the 18-yard box. Dzsudzsak went one-on-one on the attack, but lost the ball to Dundee's keeper Cierzniak, who ran out to block the shot. Dynamo made no use of their early corners, and gave the ball away to Dundee for the first time in 17 minutes. The Scots soon lost the ball, but Dynamo's counter failed. Dundee's Johnny Russell almost got a shot on goal for his team, and had an attempt at a header two minutes later, but he was offside. Dynamo's duo, Misimovic and German captain Kevin Kuranyi, missed out on a fantastic opportunity to score, but were nowhere near the ball when it entered the 18-yard box. Kuranyi had another flop on the 26th minute when he slipped and missed the ball. His best attempt was also one of Dynamo's most dangerous moments during the first half - on the 27th minute, Kuranyi's header went just wide of the right post. Schildenfeld couldn't reach a cross from his teammate for a header, and Cierzniak caught the ball. So far, Dynamo had only had two shots, neither which were on goal. Nevertheless, the team was putting pressure on the Scots, and it was working. Dundee were unable to retain possession. Kokorin's shot ricocheted off a defender and was saved by the keeper, and Dynamo appeared to be inching closer to a goal. Yet it was the Scottish team that opened the score with their only shot on goal on the 37th minute. Shunin didn't leave his net to block the shot, and Willo Flood netted the ball in against all logic.

Dundee players Keith Watson and Johnny Russell celebrate Watson's goal. Photo: SNS pics.
Leading 1-0 after halftime, the Scots were determined to make the most of the second half. Flood's shot went wide of the far post. It's tough to say the Russians took back the initiative; they never truly gave it away. Semshov scored the equalizer five minutes in to the second half, setting up his first goal of the season with help from a cross by Kokorin from the right flank. Kokorin himself had a great moment on the 66th minute, testing Cierzniak, who was there to protect the near post. Dynamo gave away corners left and right due to Shunin's sloppy saves. They were in no danger from conceding, however, as set pieces were not one of Dundee's strengths in this game. Dynamo's mistakes soon took a toll, and the vertical post saved the Russians from the Scots. A corner for Dundee on the 76th minute led to three consecutive shots from the Scots. The third time was the charm - a goal by Keith Watson. Dundee had a few set pieces and tested Shunin's net more and more. The Scots seemed quite close to leading Dynamo to their third consecutive loss this season. Dzsudzsak sent the ball high, reminding Dundee that Dynamo were still very much in charge of this game. A controversial moment arose on the last minute of play, but neither the referee nor the players noted that a penalty should have been given to Dundee. The tide of luck swung toward the Russian side when Aleksandr Kokorin's shot ricocheted into the net. The forward got booked for taking his shirt off during the goal celebration.

The second leg will be played on August 9, and Dundee supporters will head to Dynamo.

Dynamo's next game of the RPL season will take place on August 4th against Spartak Moscow.

Dundee's next game of the SPL season will take place on August 5th against Hibernian.  

Dundee United vs. FC Dynamo Moscow - 2:2 (1:0)
1:0 Willo Flood ('37),  1:1 Igor Semshov ('50)
2:1 Keith Watson ('76), 2:2 Aleksandr Kokorin ('90+3)

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