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Moscow Derby Conquered by Spartan Meat

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This is Sparta!

Spartak supporters. Photo:
Spartak fans took over Khimki Arena, waving flags and lighting flames before the game even began. As always, the 80-year-old Russian Clasico promised to be an exciting match. In the end, the game yielded many goals in the Dynamo net. The nightmare continues for the Blue and White team as they start off the 2012/2013 RPL season at the bottom of the table. Both teams got off to a slow start, with weak shots coming toward both nets. Two consecutive fouls got Dynamo a free kick. Zvjezdan Misimovic got the ball into the center of the box, but newcomer Gordon Schildenfeld missed the net by a meter. Luke Wilkshire interrupted a dangerous cross, and the ball went out for a corner. Dynamo conceded their first goal on the 23rd minute when Ari took the ball in the center of the pitch and passed it to the right flank, where Bilyaletdinov aimed a low ball at the center of the net that should have been taken easily by any goalkeeper, but Anton Shunin missed the ball under his armpit. Spartak fans applauded Bilyaletdinov's flick to Brazilian captain Welliton, whose shot missed the upper right corner of the net. Ex-Dynamo midfielder Dmitri Kombarov apprehended Kuranyi's cross to Kokorin from the left flank, preventing the home team from getting an equalizer. Dynamo continued to play almost entirely on counters. The team's midfield was completely invisible, and there was no one to distribute the ball to the forwards. Spartak's Welliton fouled Marko Lomic, as well as a handful of other players, but the referee was saving his cards for later in the game. Yusupov's attempt for Dynamo was weak, a low shot that bounced off the pitch and was easily taken by Spartak keeper Dikan. Kombarov's cross into the box to Welliton resulted in a shot that went wide. Dynamo's Semshov was taken down, but no cards were shown, and the team had to make do with a free kick. Schildenfeld picked up the ball, but his header went over the net once again. Welliton went on a one-on-one rendezvous with several Dynamo defenders and was taken down in the box, but the referee turned a blind eye. Kuranyi attempted to finish a Dynamo counter, but ended up getting a useless corner that brought about a certain deja vu after Schildenfeld's occasional miss. At this point it was certain that Dynamo was not motivated to go forward and would continue to give away a lot of space to Spartak. The first half ended with only one yellow being given to a Spartak player, Makeev, for holding on to an attacking Dynamo player's jersey on the 12th minute.

The referee seemed to book players more for their dissent than for fouling, and gave a yellow to goal-scorer Carioca for demanding that Luke Wilkshire be booked. The latter was given a yellow for what the referee thought was a dangerous slide, and a free kick was award to Spartak. To say the guests performed jaw-dropping set pieces would be an overstatement. Nicolas Pareja shot the ball over the Dynamo wall, sending it to the left side of the net. The shot wasn't fast as the ball took its time to make it in, but Dynamo keeper Shunin just stood there and watched as the ball entered the net, giving Spartak a two-goal lead. A series of confusing moments occurred near Dynamo's net as Bilyaletdinov put the ball in the box for Welliton. Dynamo's defenders were able to get the ball away in time to their keeper, who cleared it. Noboa and Nyakhaychyk came on for Sapeta and Misimovic, but did little to influence the score in Dynamo's favor. Nyakhaychyk got the ball on the left flank after a free kick, but Semshov made no use of the moment. Spartak's Aiden McGeady, who was hardly visible on the pitch in today's game, was subbed off for Jano Ananidze. A Dynamo counter soon followed, with Kuranyi running on the left flank. His shot ricocheted off a defender, and Kevin got a yellow for rightfully demanding a corner. Bilyaletdinov, who took a cross from Ananidze, passed the ball to the right instead of taking a shot himself, and the ball narrowly missed the open net. Spartak subbed in Dzyuba for Ari, and Dynamo brought on the rookie Panyukov for Yusupov. Spartak retained possession, netting in their third goal on the 75th minute. Dzyuba took the cross on the right flank, dribbled the ball past the Dynamo defense, and passed the ball to Ananidze, whose shot safely landed in the far corner. Christian Noboa's second yellow meant that Dynamo were down to 10 men for the last 13 minutes of the match. Spartak used their last sub – Emenike came on for Welliton. Meanwhile, Dikan saved Nyakhaychyk's shot on goal, one of Dynamo's few attempts at storming the Spartak net. Panyukov wandered offside; his shots were too high, but as a rookie, it's to be expected. In a surprising twist, Spartak were down to 10 men as well, after former Valencia manager Unai Emery literally took Kombarov off the pitch. Spartak were not done bombarding the Dynamo net, however. Another lucky escape for Dynamo came on the 89th minute when the guests missed their opportunity, and the home team's defenders relieved Jano and Dzyuba of their goals. Dzyuba took the ball in the middle of the 18-yard box, but took to long to shoot. Emenike's shot went wide, and Spartak had one last chance to seal the deal. Dzyuba's pass from the left flank to Carioca resulted in a shot to the left of the net and a fourth goal for Spartak in extra time.
It's not just the three consecutive losses this season that are disappointing and call for a change of manager. It's the continuing losing streak from last season that makes the legendary team look less than average. Today, the Dynamo looked unmotivated and lacked a playing style. As the commentator said, “there are different ways to lose”.
In other news, Dynamo's reserve team recently defeated Spartak's reserves 2:0. Now's a good time as ever to remind Dynamo fans that the reserve team is coached by former assistant to the main team, Dmitri Khokhlov.
Dynamo is the only team that hasn't scored a single goal and hasn't earned any points thus far, while Spartak won three consecutive games in a row and continue to dominate the leader board.
It's difficult to imagine how the Dynamo will play their second leg of the UEFA Europa League qualifiers against Dundee United, despite having a home field advantage and being the technically-superior team. As Sergei Kuprin points out, CSKA Sofia was considered the inferior team when they faced Dynamo three years ago in the Europa League, and things did not end well for the Muscovites.
Russian Premier League, 3rd Game Week
Stadium: Arena Khimki
FC Dynamo Moscow vs. FC Spartak Moscow: 0-4
                                     Diniyar Bilyaletdinov ('23) 
                                     Nicolas Pareja ('49) 
                                     Jano Ananidze ('75) 
                                     Rafael Carioca ('90+3)

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